Making Discoveries
Hugh Huxley
Famous Discoveries

The Famous Discoveries section focuses on the process of science, and shows the human side of scientific research. Each discovery includes a video by a scientist describing their personal experience of the events leading to this discovery. It also includes a link to the corresponding research paper, as well as a series of questions and suggested answers designed to encourage critical and analytical thinking.

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Youreka Science

This video is a complement to Matthew Meselson's iBiology Discovery talk, where Meselson recalls the events that led him to meet Frank Stahl and to plan and execute these experiments.

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Winifred Frick
Science in the Classroom

The Science in the Classroom project, created by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), provides annotated Science research papers with accompanying teaching materials.  iBiology teamed up with Science in the Classroom to record the authors of these papers describing the background and behind-the-scenes stories about their research.

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