Discovery Talk: How Muscle Contracts

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Research Paper Discussed in this Talk

Hanson J, Huxley HE. Structural basis of the cross-striations in muscle. Nature. 1953 Sep 19;172(4377):530-2.

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Prepared by Dr. Rachna Sharma.

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About this Talk

Using a combination of X-ray images, phase contrast light microscopy and electron microscopy, Huxley obtained the first definitive images showing that muscle was comprised of an interdigitating array of myosin and actin filaments that slid relative to each other during contraction.

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About the Speaker

Dr. Huxley was Professor Emeritus of Biology at Brandeis University. He is known for his extensive work on muscle structure and function, including the experiments that established the sliding filament model of muscle contraction. Huxley was a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States. He passed away on July 25, 2013.

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