Cell Biology Flipped Classroom Course
Cell Biology
The Cell Biology Flipped Classroom Course was developed in collaboration with Professor Jonathan Scholey and offered in Spring 2013 at the University of California - Davis to senior undergraduate biology majors. This course was built around the flipped classroom model, where students watched iBioSeminars as homework with assignments to guide them through the video. Students then met once a week with Professor Scholey for an in-depth discussion around a scientific question relating to the talk. In this section of iBioEducation, you will find all the course materials including the iBioSeminars, discussion questions, and assignments. To access the assignment materials you must register as an educator. If you are already registered, then log in here.
Jack Szostak
Week 1
Origin of Life
Tony Hyman
Week 2
Organization of Cytoplasm
Alfred Wittinghofer
Week 3
Randy Schekman
Week 4
Vesicle Trafficking
Julie Theriot
Week 5
Cell Motility
Ron Vale
Week 6
Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins
Dick Mcintosh
Week 7
Cell Division
Susan Taylor
Week 8
Protein Kinases
Dave Morgan
Week 9
Cell Cycle