Mary Beckerle: Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer

I. Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer
II. Discovery and Characterization of a Focal Adhesion Protein Implicated in Tumor Progression
III. Focal Adhesions as Stress Sensors

Part I: Adhesion, Signaling and Cancer

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Lecture Overview
Cell-substratum adhesion is mediated by integrins, a family of transmembrane, heterodimeric, extracellular matrix receptors that are concentrated at focal adhesions. Integrin engagement influences a variety of signaling pathways and regulates cell behaviors including motility, proliferation, and survival. Disturbance of normal integrin function is associated with a variety of pathologic conditions including cancer. In the first segment of my seminar, I provide a broad overview of the cancer problem for a lay audience. Advances in our understanding of cancer as a genetic disease are discussed. The influence of cell adhesion on control of cell growth is reviewed. More >>

Speaker Bio
Mary Beckerle is Professor of Biology and Oncological Sciences at the University of Utah. Dr. Beckerle serves as the Executive Director of Huntsman Cancer Institute and holds the Ralph E. and Willia T. Main Presidential Endowed Chair.
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