Xiaodong Wang: Apoptosis

I. Introduction to Apoptosis
II. Factors Involved in the Intrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis
III. Extrinsic Pathway and Regulation of Apoptosis

Part I: Introduction to Apoptosis

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Lecture Overview
Apoptosis is a form of programmed cell death that plays important roles during animal development, immune response, elimination of damaged cells, and maintenance of tissue homeostasis. Apoptosis is executed by intracellular proteases named caspases that are activated during the onset of apoptosis by extrinsic and intrinsic pathways. More >>

Speaker Bio
Xiaodong Wang is the Director and an Investigator of the National Institute for Biological Sciences, Beijing.  Previously, Dr. Wang was a professor of biochemistry at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and an investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute from 1997-2010.

Wang received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China, in 1984 and a doctorate degree in biochemistry from UT Southwestern in 1991. Among the honors he has received are the Richard Lounsbery Award and the Molecular Biology Award from the National Academy of Sciences, USA; the Hackerman Award from the Welch Foundation in Houston; the Paul Marks Prize from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; the Eli Lilly Award from the American Chemical Society; the Schering-Plough Award from the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine in 2006.

Wang’s laboratory’s research focuses on the cellular mechanisms that controls the life and death of animal cells.

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