Martin Raff: Growth Control in Animal Development

I. Regulation of Cell Size
II. Cell Number Control

Part II: Cell Number Control

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Lecture Overview
The size of an organ or organism depends mainly on the sizes and numbers of the cells it contains. In the first segment of my talk, I describe our work on cell size control in cultures of purified rat Schwann cells. Most proliferating cells grow before they divide, but it is not known how growth and division are co-ordinated to ensure that cells divide at an appropriate size. We have found that extracellular signals can control cell growth and cell-cycle progression separately and that the size of Schwann cells at division depends on the signalled rates of both cell growth and cell-cycle progression, rather than on a cell-size checkpoint that monitors cell size. More >>

Speaker Bio
Martin Raff was born and educated in Montreal. He received his BSc and MD degrees at McGill University and did a residency in medicine at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and in neurology at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He did postdoctoral training in immunology at the National Institute for Medical Research in London, after which he moved to University College London, where he has been a Professor of Biology since 1979 and emeritus since 2002. He is currently at the Medical Reseach Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology and in the Biology Department at University College London. His research has been in immunology, cell biology, and developmental neurobiology.  More >>

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