Eva Nogales Biography

Eva Nogales is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, a Professor of Molecular Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Senior Faculty Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

She obtained her B.S. degree in physics from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) and did her thesis work at the Synchrotron Radiation Source (U.K.), under the supervision of Joan Bordas, earning a Ph.D. degree from the University of Keele. Her postdoctoral work in Kenneth Downing's group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory involved the use of electron crystallography to determine the high-resolution structure of tubulin.

The Nogales lab is interested in the structural characterization of complex biological assemblies, their architecture, interactions with different ligands, and the regulation of their function. They are involved in deciphering the molecular bases of cytoskeletal function during cell division and of essential nucleic acid transactions. Towards these aims they use electron microscopy, image analysis, and functional biochemical and biophysical assays.

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