Robert Tjian: The Molecular Biology of Gene Regulation

I. Gene Regulation: An Introduction
II. Gene Regulation: Why So Complex?

Part II: Gene Regulation: Why So Complex?

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Lecture Overview
Transcription, the conversion of DNA to RNA, is one of the most fundamental processes in cell biology. However, only about 3% of our total DNA encodes genes to be transcribed. RNA polymerase II, the enzyme that transcribes DNA to RNA, relies on a large set of proteins known as transcription factors to recognize the coding sequences and to transcribe the correct genes, in the correct cell type, at the correct time. More >>

Speaker Bio
Robert Tjian has been President of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute since 2009. He is also a professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley where he maintains a research lab focused on understanding the regulation of gene expression. More >>

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