Susan Wessler: The Dynamic Genome

I. Introduction to Transposable Elements
II. How TEs Amplify throughout the Genome

Part II: How TEs Amplify throughout the Genome

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Lecture Overview
In Part 1, Wessler introduces transposable elements (TEs); small movable pieces of DNA that can insert throughout the genome. She describes their discovery in maize by Barbara McClintock in the 1940’s and their impact on the current study of genetics. Wessler goes on to provide more details about TEs and transposase, the enzyme that facilitates insertion of TEs into the target DNA. More >>

Speaker Bio
Susan Wessler received her BA in biology from SUNY Stony Brook and her PhD from Cornell University. While she was a post-doctoral fellow at the Carnegie Institution of Washington she met Barbara McClintock, an event that influenced the direction of Wessler’s research career. Wessler joined the department of plant biology at the University of Georgia in 1983. She remained there until 2010 when she moved to the University of California at Riverside. Her lab studies transposable elements and their impact on evolution. More >>

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