Dianne Newman: Microbial Diversity and Evolution

I. Microbial Diversity and Evolution
II. Microbial Respiration of Arsenate [As(V)] III. Interpreting Molecular Fossils of Oxygenic Photosynthesis

Part II: Microbial Respiration of Arsenate [As(V)]

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Lecture Overview
Microbes are diverse, ancient, numerous and ubiquitous. In part 1, Newman gives an overview of these four key points. She presents mind-boggling data on the numbers of microbes inhabiting the earth, as well as the environments in which they can survive, and indeed, thrive. Both fossilized and modern microbes come in fantastically diverse physical forms and this diversity extends to their metabolism. Newman explains how geobiologists can deduce information about ancient microbial life by studying rocks formed on earth billions of years ago. More >>

Speaker Bio
Dr. Newman is a Professor in the Divisions of Biology and Geological and Planetary Sciences at the California Institute of Technology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. When Newman began her undergraduate studies at Stanford University she wasn’t sure she was going to be a scientist because she was interested in a variety of different fields. In fact, she received her B.A. in German studies. Unable to forego a scientific way of thinking, however, she decided to enroll in a PhD program in environmental engineering at MIT. While in graduate school, she took a class in environmental microbiology and she has been studying it ever since. More >>

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