Don Ganem: Virus Infection and the Biology of Kaposi's Sarcoma

I. Kaposi’s Sarcoma: The Disease
II. The Virus
III. KSHV Latency and KS Pathogenesis
IV. Is KSHV Latency the Whole story?

Part IV: Is KSHV Latency the Whole story?

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Lecture Overview
In 1872, Moritz Kaposi first described a disease that included pigmented skin tumors and in some cases tumors of the viscera. While KS has been endemic in some areas of the world for many years, a highly aggressive and deadly form of the disease emerged concurrently with the HIV/AIDS epidemic. KS is a very unusual cancer including multiple cell types, including cells of a “spindle” morphology, in a single tumor. In this section of the talk, the atypical biology of this cancer it will be discussed.
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Speaker Bio
Don Ganem joined the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Emeryville, California as Vice President and Global Head of Infectious Diseases in 2011. His research group focuses on understanding and developing better treatments for viral, bacterial and fungal infections in normal and immunocompromised individuals.
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