Graham Hatfull: Bacteriophages: Genes and Genomes

I. Bacteriophages: What are they?
II. Bacteriophages: Genomic insights.
III. Mycobacteriophage genomics

Part I: Bacteriophages: What are they?

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Lecture Overview
Bacteriophage, viruses that specifically infect bacteria, are, by far, the majority of all biological entities in the biosphere. The viral population, including bacteriophage, is very diverse yet relatively few viral genomes have been sequenced. In this series of lectures, Hatfull argues that viral genomes provide a great source of new genes, potentially with new functions and structures.
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Speaker Bio
Graham Hatfull is Professor of Biotechnology and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor. He received his PhD from Edinburgh University and was a post-doctoral fellow with Nigel Grindley at Yale University and Fred Sanger at the MRC. His lab focuses on studying the bacteriophage that infect mycobacteria as a strategy to better understand the pathogen M. tuberculosis.
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