Ruth Lehmann: Germ Cell Development

I. Germ Cell Specification
II. RNA Regulation
III. Germ Cell Migration
IV. Lipid Signals Guide Germ Cells

Part I: Germ Cell Specification

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Lecture Overview
When an egg is fertilized, two distinct groups of cells are formed; the somatic cells which give rise to all the structures in body and will ultimately die, and the primordial germ cells which become germ line stem cells that produce sperm and egg and thus, can give rise to another generation. Hence, germ cells are responsible for the maintenance of a species. In Part 1 of her lecture, Dr. Lehmann discusses the strategies used by an embryo to specify which cells will become somatic cells and which will become germ cells. She also outlines the currently known features of germ cells that differentiate them from other cells in the embryo.  More >>

Speaker Bio
Ruth Lehmann is a Professor of Developmental Genetics and of Cell Biology, and Director of The Kimmel Center for Stem Cell Biology at the Skirball Institute, New York University School of Medicine. She has also been a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator since 1990.  More >>

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