About the iBiology Subtitled Videos

In an effort to make iBiology talks accessible to more people around the world, we are adding subtitles in English and other languages to as many talks as possible. If you are interested in creating subtitles for any of our talks, please contact us

English Subtitles

The English subtitles are created by a team of current and former UCSF graduate students: Sarah Goodwin, Lauren Booth, Jeff Farrell, Brooke Gardner, Melissa Hendershott, Damian Trujillo, Andrew Shie, and Courtney Schroeder.

Most of our iBiology talks are subtitled in English and can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Embedded Video: Subtitles can be viewed on the embedded video by clicking on “CC” at the bottom right of the video player. Choose the “English - by iBiology” option to have subtitles created by our team appear. This is also where we will add other languages when these talks are translated.
  • Downloads: Videos with English subtitles can be downloaded by right clicking on “Subtitled Videos: English” and choosing “Save As.” These will display the subtitles below the video.
  • Search: We have an “English Subtitles” option on our search feature. When this is selected, only videos that have English Subtitles will appear in the search results.

*Note: The short clips currently do not have subtitles available in the embedded video, but most have downloadable subtitled videos.

Spanish Subtitles

iBioSeminars Spanish subtitles are provided by the following members of the Fundación EcoScience (except where noted): Marcela Colombres, Abel Alcázar-Roman (Yale), Sarah Nuñez, Javier Nuñez-Huasaf, Eduardo Fuentes, Natalia Crisostomo, Cristian Estrada, Remziye Doger, Miguel Bengolea and Daniela Rebolledo.

iBioMagazine Spanish subtitles were done by a team of US and Peruvian students and post-doctoral fellows while at Yale University. The team was organized by Abel Alcazar-Roman and included Sofia Espinoza, Maria Jesus Olarte, Denisse Tafur, Felicia Barriga, Omar Julca, David Romero, Enith Sifuentes , Eliana Torres and Kenyi Saito-Diaz.

The following videos have Spanish subtitles available in the embedded video, which can be accessed by clicking on the “CC” located below the video. Many are also available for download.

iBioSeminars with Spanish Subtitles

*Note: These have the full iBioSeminar translated into Spanish, except where indicated.

iBioMagazines with Spanish Subtitles

Subtitles in Other Languages

The following videos have subtitles available in the embedded video in the language indicated below:


Subtitles by Susana Ribeiro


Subtitles by Dmitry Yakovlev with assistance from Anna and Vladimir Gelfand

How to Make Subtitles

In an effort to make iBioSeminars and iBioMagazine movies available to more students and scientists around the world, we are adding subtitles in English and other languages to as many talks as possible.

The graduate students and post-doctoral fellows who initiated the subtitling and translation project developed fairly simple protocols that can be used by others. If you are interested in contributing, please see the tutorials on how to make a subtitled movie and how to translate a movie. To avoid duplication of effort, please contact us before you start.

We welcome your contributions and will post your subtitled movie on our iBiology sites.