Technical Issues

System Requirements


To view the large (640 x 480) QuickTime streaming seminars, we recommend the following minimum configuration:

Windows Macintosh

Windows XP or later

1.2 GHz or faster processor

At least 256MB of RAM


Mac OS X v10.3 or later

1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 or faster

At least 256MB of RAM

1024x768 or higher monitor resolution recommended. Your Internet connection should be capable of sustained speeds of 256 kbps (minimum) to 768 kbps (preferred) for best performance





QT Required



To view the iBioSeminars you will need to have QuickTime 7 Player installed on your computer. We recommend QuickTime version 7.4 or greater. Version 6 and lower will not work. QuickTime 7 takes advantage of the latest video compression technology called H.264 which creates much smaller files than previous codecs — without sacrificing any quality.


Here's how to tell which version of QuickTime you have:


On a Mac, launch QuickTime Player in your Applications folder, and select the menu item About QuickTime from the QuickTime Player menu.


On a Windows machine, click the QuickTime icon (looks like a Q) in the System Tray, then select About QuickTime. Depending on the settings, however, the Quicktime icon may not appear in the System Tray. In that event, you will need to locate the QuickTime Player (by using Start:Programs:QuickTime:QuickTime Player), launch it, and select the About QuickTime Player menu item from the Help menu.


QuickTime 7 Minimum System Requirements:


Windows 2000/XP

Mac OS 10.3.9 or later


To download QuickTime 7, please visit the Apple website here. If you don't want to download iTunes with QuickTime 7, a standalone installer is available. QuickTime 7 is a free download, and you do not need to register for the Pro version to view the seminars.

If you have trouble playing the movie by web streaming when you click on the large image on the lectures pages, try downloading the QuickTime or MP4 files and then using the movie player on your computer.


You can also view the movies at iTunes. Use the iTunes link at the bottom of the home page or click here. Alternatively, go to the iTunes store and enter “ibioseminars” in the search box.

Specific Issues and Solutions

Problem: iPod/iPhone link error on Safari


On the Safari browser, the iPod/iPhone link streams and downloads as an unplayable text file.



In order to play this file, download the file by right clicking the “iPod/iPhone link,” and saving the file onto your computer. Remove the “.txt” from the file name. The correct extension is “.m4v”.


Problem: Movies don’t play on Snow Leopard


Movies don’t work on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.



A Snow Leopard-compatible version of QuickTime Player 7 is available at:


Alternatively, you can try playing the MP4 link for the movie (in the “Download alternative formats” section for each seminar), or view the movies in iTunes.

Problem: No video on streaming movies (including on Windows 7)


When playing the movies, audio is heard but there is no video.



Right-click on the title of the video and open it in another window or webpage. (Thank you, Lena, for this solution!) A few users may find that enabling legacy encoders in the QuickTime preferences Advanced section will solve the problem. Users with this problem are generally able to access the movies through the QuickTime and MP4 links (in the “Download alternative formats” section for each seminar,) by streaming and/or downloading the files. Alternatively, view the movies through iTunes.

Problem: Permission Errors


The following or similar error occurs: “The server replies you don’t have permission to download this file…http:/1.1 403 Forbidden”



Sometimes our web host misunderstands an IP address and thinks it is spam. If this happens to you, contact us (See Feedback or Contact Us), and we will make sure that your IP address is given the proper permissions. As a temporary workaround, you can view the movies through iTunes. You can get to the iBioSeminars on iTunes directly from the iBioSeminars website, from the “Home” dropdown on the menu bar, or by the iTunes link at the bottom of the home page. Alternatively, you can go to the iTunes store and enter “ibioseminars” in the search box.



Problem: Pages cut off part way -- do not open fully


When you view iBioSeminar site pages, part of the page opens but then it cutts off, or the formatting gets very weird.



This problem can occur when the font size is too large for the page. This can happen when your web browser is set to a large font, or when you click the "+" sign next to the words "Text Size" which appear at the top right of the iBioSeminars pages. Try setting your browser's font size to a smaller size in the browser preferences, or clicking the "-" sign next to "Text Size" on any iBioSeminars page.