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As an educator, you have access to the resources listed below. These resources were developed by scientists and educators and can be used to test students on the video material. Note that students do not have access to these questions and answers.

Bonnie Bassler
Teaching Tools for Seminars
  • Lecture notes
  • Recommended Reading
  • Review Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Teach These Concepts to a friend
  • Research the Literature
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Tony Hyman Assessments for Lectures
iBioEducation Lectures are 10-30 minute videos featuring concepts and experiments in biology. The lectures in this section have accompanying questions of varying levels.

Ron Vale Assessments for Short Clips [Coming Soon]iBioEducation Short Clips are 2-10 min videos highlighting a specific topic, experiment, or principle. The short clips in this section have accompanying questions of varying levels.
Martin-Chalfie Assessments for iBioEducation Discovery Talks
The Famous Discoveries section include a video by a scientist describing their personal experience of the events leading to this discovery, a research paper, as well as a series of questions and suggested answers.

Susan Taylor Course Materials for Cell Biology Flipped Course
In the Cell Biology Flipped Course section, you will have access to all the course materials developed in collaboration with Dr. Jon Scholey at UC Davis, and used for a flipped course in Spring 2013.

Other Educator Resources
Newman iBioEducation Science Standards and Core Concepts Index
Examples that align the iBiology talks with Vision and Change, AP Biology, and Next Generation Science Standards Core Concepts and Competencies

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