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iBiology Microscopy Course

Jeff LichtmanLight microscopy has become one of the most useful tools in the life sciences. Following the traditions of great courses on light microscopy, such as those offered by the Marine Biological Laboratory, EMBO, and the NCBS in Bangalore, this free online comprehensive course begins with the basics of optics, proceeds through transmitted light microscopy, covers the various methods of imaging fluorescent samples, describes how cameras work and image processing, and concludes with some of the latest advances in light microscopy. In addition to lectures, we also provide labs (filmed at a microscope) and short tips, so as to cover pragmatics of how to use microscopes. Assessments are provided for each lecture. Enjoy learning microscopy!

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iBiology Microscopy Short Course

Nico StuurmanThis 13 lecture short course provides a good overview for the techniques of light microscopy. Leading scientists in light microscopy cover the basics of optics, transmitted light, fluorescence and GFP, digital imaging, and also recent advances in super-resolution microscopy. The course is appropriate for undergraduates or anyone who is relatively new to microscopy. Assessments are provided for each lecture. Enjoy learning microscopy!

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Cell Biology Flipped Classroom Course

Susan TaylorThe Cell Biology Flipped Course was developed in collaboration with Professor Jonathan Scholey and offered in Spring 2013 at the University of California – Davis to senior undergraduate biology majors. This course was built around the flipped classroom model, where students watched iBioSeminars as homework with assignments to guide them through the video. Students then met once a week with Professor Scholey for an in-depth discussion around a scientific question relating to the talk. In this section of iBioEducation, you will find all the course materials including the iBioSeminars, discussion questions, and assignments (for educators only).

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iBiology Scientific Teaching Series (Coming in 2014)

Kimberly TannerThe iBiology Scientific Teaching Series project is a series of talks relating to evidence-based biology education. These talks target faculty and administrators who are curious to learn about ways to use scientific teaching and implement Vision and Change recommendations in the classroom.

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